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Shoplifting Awareness and Prevention Techniques

The purpose of this online course is to enhance the store associate's knowledge of shoplifting's economic effects, present some of the techniques used by shoplifters, and how to identify them. Different scenarios will be presented which involve recognizing behaviors and preventing shoplifting from occurring. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of this course. Click here to purchase this course.

The Power Of Suggestive Selling: Reaching Your G.O.A.L.S.

Providing exceptional customer service builds brand loyalty and increases store revenue. These benefits are largely dependent on techniques used by store associates in aisles, behind counters, and at the check-out. Associates are “marketing directors” for the company every time they interact with customers. This online course guides associates in learning the step-by-step techniques that can be used to provide customers a satisfying in-store experience and increase their basket size. Click here to purchase this course.

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