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 Compliance Shield for the Pharmacy Workplace
Compliance Shield for the Pharmacy Workplace is available for 90 days after enrollment.

Compliance Shield for the Pharmacy Workplace

Retail: $750.00

Compliance Shield for the Pharmacy Workplace is available for 365 days after enrollment

Compliance Shield for the Pharmacy Workplace

To help pharmacies satisfy the pending December 2009 (and annually thereafter) Fraud, Waste and Abuse training requirement deadline and other mandated training requirements, LearnSomething has created a subscription-based service for all of your pharmacy and pharmacy support staff called Compliance Shield for the Pharmacy Workplace.

LearnSomething, a leading provider of regulatory compliance training over the past 6 years, is offering this e-learning service with access to these programs for up to 10 current employees and up to 3 additional employees over the next twelve months:

  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse (required training)
  • HIPAA Privacy (required training)
  • HIPAA Security (required training)
  • MethGuard™ (required training)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens for the Pharmacy (OSHA)
  • eRX PDX Prescription Processing and Auto e-Script (Bonus Course)

Our solution combines:

  • Content developed by industry experts in cooperation with nationally recognized associations
  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting tools
  • Program access 24/7
  • Help desk support

A key decision point for any regulatory training investment is whether program training can be tracked and reported. Our solution allows for the real-time capture and access of all training activity. Compliance activity reports can be generated quarterly or as needed for your records.

This e-learning service is offered for an annual flat fee of $750 per location—a significant savings compared to buying courses individually! Registering your location(s) and providing access to your staff is so simple it can typically be completed in a day. When a new employee is hired, you simply send notification with that new hire’s details.

See how Compliance Shield for the Pharmacy Workplace will help you meet your regulatory training commitments using state of the art technology.

For more information, contact Jim McDowell at jmcdowell@learnsomething.com or call Jim at (850) 321-3293 or call our main line at (850) 385-7915.